The 2023 Catalog Ad Reports

A report in collaboration between Marpipe & Varos

This is the exclusive release of "The 2023 Catalog Ad Report," a collaboration between Marpipe and Varos. Read the full report HERE.

Marpipe is a platform designed to streamline the creative testing processes for brands and agencies, offering various automation features. It empowers companies to create a large number of ad variations, distribute them across multiple platforms, and gain real-time insights on the performance of each variant.

Varos is a platform for sharing data that allows companies to compare their KPIs with their competitors. Varos offers real-time benchmarks for digital marketing and growth metrics, such as CAC, Repeat Purchases, CPM, and Abandoned Checkouts.

The report unveils ground-breaking trends in Catalog Ads based on an in-depth analysis of over 3,500 Meta ad accounts and $4 billion in ad spend.

Unveiling Ground-breaking Trends in 2023 Catalog Ads

In a world dominated by digital ads, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for marketers. Understanding which ad formats yield the best results can make all the difference in driving successful campaigns.

A recent report from Marpipe and Varos, based on an in-depth analysis of over 3,500 Meta ad accounts and $4 billion in ad spend, has revealed shocking trends for Catalog Ads that are set to revolutionize the advertising landscape.

The Rise of Catalog Ads

Catalog Ads, often overlooked and underutilized by marketers, have emerged as the dark horse in the advertising race. Contrary to popular belief, these ads deliver exceptional results, outperforming other ad formats in terms of return on ad spend (ROAS) and click-through rate (CTR).

According to data sourced from Varos, the world's largest benchmarking platform for digital marketing, Catalog Ads boast an astonishing 78% higher ROAS on average and a 36% higher CTR compared to image and video ads.

Unleashing the Power of Catalog Ads

What sets Catalog Ads apart from their counterparts is their simplicity and effectiveness. While other ad types require a more intricate design process, Catalog Ads enable marketers to leverage their existing product catalogs, eliminating the need for additional extensive creative work. Maybe just with some clever copy work.

The Hidden Potential of Catalog Ads

Catalog Ads offer unique features that contribute to their outstanding performance. One such feature is auto-relevant delivery, which ensures that the ads are served to users based on specific product matches. This targeted approach enhances the relevance of the ads, resulting in higher engagement and better overall performance.

Vertical-Specific Insights

To gain a deeper understanding of Catalog Ads' impact, the report analyzed their performance across different verticals. In the Fashion/Apparel vertical, Catalog Ads demonstrated an average ROAS of 3.3, significantly surpassing image and video ads with an average ROAS of 1.8. Similarly, in the Beauty vertical, Catalog Ads exhibited a remarkable ROAS of 2.2 compared to 1.3 for other ad formats. These findings highlight the immense untapped potential of Catalog Ads across various industries.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Catalog Ads

For marketers looking to leverage the power of Catalog Ads, several immediate steps can be taken to ensure success.

  1. Mastering the perfect setup for product ads is crucial. Many brands struggle with correctly configuring their product ads, leading to suboptimal performance. By familiarizing themselves with the strategic setup process, marketers can maximize the effectiveness of their Catalog Ads.

  2. Upgrading the creative elements of Catalog Ads. Top-performing brands understand the importance of compelling ad creatives, even for catalog-based ads. Leveraging tools like Marpipe can help enhance the visual appeal and impact of Catalog Ads, ensuring they capture the target audience’s attention.

  3. Maintaining a clean and optimized product feed. The quality of the product feed directly influences ad delivery and overall campaign success. By regularly auditing and improving the product feed, marketers can enhance the performance of their Catalog Ads and drive better results.


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